Art + Code

Exploring digital art with P5.JS

Instructors casey-huntCasey Hunt
Monday, September 28, 2020 10:00 am PDT Local time zone:
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HackadayU is pleased to offer Art + Code, with instructor Casey Hunt. 

The complete course is 4 classes long and access is through the playlist here

Overview: In this course, we will build creative code through a series of explorations with the P5.js library. Over the 4 week class, students will grow their technical skills through mastery of the JavaScript library, and will also learn about aesthetics and art history in the digital space. This course is a software-only course.

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with the basics of object-oriented code structure (either in JavaScript or another language).

Software downloads: Please download and install these prior to class. Installation instructions are available on the websites for all.

About the instructor: Casey Hunt is an engineering graduate student and lecturer at the ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder. She is a Creative Coder and Experience Designer with a web experience specialty. Her research explores interactive art and games that encourage vulnerability and connection.

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Jchadwickson4 wrote 05/28/2022 at 15:10 point

Great, I haven't notice that we could also do art through coding. Thanks for sharing such a detailed classes about it. With the help of these classes I have improved my upto some next level. And still try to bring some extra changes in it.

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