Class 5: Motion, Gears, and Actuation

A course log for Prototyping in Mechanical Engineering

Learn prototyping skills mechanical engineering: schematics and drawings, materials, manufacturing, fluids, and motion

Will FischerWill Fischer 12/23/2020 at 11:420 Comments

The class you've all been waiting for: how stuff moves.  We'll cover some of the math of actuation, as well as an overview of the different parts you can use to move things around.  I'll get into how each different system works so that you can understand the theory behind selecting things.  Because movement is at the core of mechanical engineering, we have to build up to this!

  1. Introduction to motion
    1. The math of motion
  2. Gearing systems
    1. Spurs
    2. Bevels
    3. Worms
    4. Differential
    5. Transmissions
    6. Clutches
  3. Actuation
    1. Linear actuation
      1. Solenoids
      2. Pneumatics/hydraulics
      3. Electrical linear actuators
    2. Rotary actuation
      1. Standard DC motors
      2. Servos 
      3. Steppers

Class 5 unedited video with Q&A. The final edited video will be available for everyone on Hackaday's Youtube in a few weeks.