Baltimore Hackerspace is excited to host a design hackathon sponsered by
Hackaday World Create Day is a world wide event where meetups and hackerspaces all over the world will meet, design and submit their designs to be judged and prizes will be awarded by Hackaday.

We will also be giving away door prizes graciously donated by Microchip at 5:30

The schedule for the event is that we will have a space intro, tool demos, a short intro to Hackaday/the community and hackathons which should last until 5 o'clock. We will do a safety demo and sign waivers, in case anyone wants to prototype designs using our tools. We will then have a brainstorming session as a full group starting around 5:30. We will then break into teams around 6 and work to create a solution to a problem until you want to leave.
We will have a grill with burgers and hotdogs for sale weather permitting.

Please RSVP at out meetup page if you are planning on coming! Here: