This month we're pleased to welcome Jason Cerundolo, electrical engineer at CastAR. You may recall he did a lightning talk last time about an errant footprint that caused some manufacturing problems (a chip that got rotated by the CM). This meetup he'll be talking about driving LEDs, both at work and at home. True to the "driving" theme of his talk, he will be telling us all about the "the sports car of LED driver circuits".

We're also pleased to welcome Werner Johansson, a software engineer with a security background and a big hardware interest. He will be talking about "Software Defined Power Supplies". Attendees from last time may remember Werner describing his transformer-less supply that could be used to convert power while in various countries. He will be discussing this and other similar projects, including a constant current output supply that could be used to power LED projects!

As always, we welcome attendees to give 2 minute talks about their projects and companies (please see the organizers to get set up when you arrive).

Food and beverages will be provided, you bring the discussion about hardware (or whatever else you're passionate about).

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