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Bend it like Bhoite

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 12:00 pm PST Local time zone:
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Mohit Bhoite will join us for the Hack Chat on Wednesday, November 6 at noon PST.

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Join Hack ChatFor all the effort engineers put into electronic design, very few people ever get to appreciate it. All the hard work that goes into laying out a good PCB and carefully selecting just the right components is hidden the moment the board is slipped into an enclosure, only to be interacted with again through a user interface that gets all the credit for the look and feel of the product.

And yet there are some that design circuits purely as works of art. They may do something interesting or useful, but function is generally secondary to form for these circuit sculptors. Often consisting of skeletons of brass wire bent at precise angles to form intricate structures, circuit sculptures are the zen garden of electronic design: they're where the designer turns to quiet the madness of making deadlines and meeting specs by focusing on the beauty of components themselves and putting them on display for all to enjoy.

By day, our host Mohit designs and builds hardware at Particle. By night, however, the wires and pliers come out, and he makes circuit sculptures that come alive. Check out his portfolio; you won't be disappointed. This Hack Chat will be your chance to find out everything that goes into making these sculptures. Find out where Mohit gets his inspiration, learn his secrets for such precise, satisfyingly crisp wire-bending, and see what it takes to turn silicon into art.

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Tim Holt wrote 11/04/2019 at 18:25 point

Proper portfolio link is

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Gerben wrote 11/03/2019 at 16:40 point

There is an small error in the announcement for this chat at the top in my feed. The "his portfolio" link isn't clickable. The link has a "hre" instead of "href" attribute, making it not work properly.

PS the link on this page works. I'm only talking about the the announcement on "My Feed".

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