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with mitxela [Tim Alex Jacobs]

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 12:00 pm PDT Local time zone:
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Tim Alex Jacobs will host the Hack Chat on Wednesday, March 24 at noon Pacific.

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In our technologically complex world, standards are a double-edged sword. While they clearly make it possible for widgets and doodads to interoperate with each other, they also tend to drift away from their original intention over time, thanks to the march of progress or even market forces. If there's one thing you can expect about standards, it's that they beget other standards.

One standard that has stood the test of time, with modification of course, is the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI. It's hard to overstate the impact MIDI has had on the music world since it was first dreamed up in the early 1980s. Started amid a Wild West of competing proprietary synchronization standards, MIDI quickly became the de facto interface for connecting electronic musical instruments together. And as it did, it moved from strictly pro-grade equipment down the market to prosumer and home users, fueled in part by the PC revolution.

Tim Alex Jacobs, who is perhaps better known as Mitxela on his YouTube channel, has long been interested in applying MIDI to unusual corners of the musical world. We've seen him MIDI-fy things that barely qualify as musical instruments, and also build a polyphonic synthesizer so small it fits within the shell of the DIN connector that's so strongly associated with the MIDI standard. Tim joins us on the Hack Chat this week to talk about his experiences with MIDI, and to help us understand all the ways we can work with the interface in our builds.

  • Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

    Dan Maloney03/24/2021 at 20:04 0 comments

    miguelmurca12:49 PM

    Well, thanks for the time, goodbye all! 😊👋

    SHIK12:49 PM

    charliex12:49 PM

    mitxela12:50 PM
    Someone mentioned Korg earlier - I like Korg and their attempts to make miniature versions of their earlier synths. I don't own any of them but I applaud their goal. Also, they tend to release the schematics for them too, which is awesome

    charliex12:50 PM
    yeah also they are fun to hack

    SHIK12:51 PM
    nts-1 is great idea

    mitxela12:51 PM
    I have a monotron and MIDIfied it and it was a great experience

    mitxela12:51 PM
    they labelled the test pads on the board

    SHIK12:51 PM
    Is that the one you made a video about?

    Jerry Isdale12:52 PM
    beyond midi, have you looked at EuroRack synths? I have some friends really into those (robodog, etc)

    mitxela12:52 PM
    Yes although it has very poor audio in the video, I should probably make a fresh video about it

    SHIK12:52 PM
    it's not poly, right?

    mitxela12:52 PM
    @Jerry Isdale Ah, only very briefly. Mostly I've just experimented with VCV Rack which is virtual modular

    mitxela12:53 PM
    Monotron is indeed mono

    SHIK12:53 PM
    So maybe try to make it polyphonic on your refreshed video..

    SHIK12:53 PM
    just an idea :)

    mitxela12:54 PM
    This would be very hard, seeing as it's an analog synth. You'd need to duplicate all of the circuitry to add more oscillators

    mitxela12:54 PM
    However, it does have an arpeggiator

    mitxela12:54 PM
    that I added

    SHIK12:54 PM

    mitxela12:56 PM
    I also want to make more videos about other projects, problem is making and editing videos takes so much time. I really ought to make a video about my Midi Interceptor project, that one deserves more attention

    Kevin.stork12:57 PM

    mitxela12:57 PM
    Well, anyway, if anyone wants to talk further feel free to email me, I try to respond to everything although it sometimes takes me a few days to get back to people

    charliex12:58 PM

    Jerry Isdale12:58 PM
    aloha! thanks for the chat!

    mitxela12:58 PM
    Cool - see you all next time I guess!

    charliex12:58 PM
    til next time

    And it looks like we're up against our one-hour limit too, so good timing! I want to thank mitxela for his time today, and everyone else for the great questions.

    SHIK12:59 PM
    Thanks all :)

    Thanks a bunch, this was great.

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    charliex1:00 PM
    adding midi to tesla coils

    Yeah, maybe it's not so different after all...


  • Hack Chat Transcript, Part 1

    Dan Maloney03/24/2021 at 20:03 0 comments

    mitxela12:00 PM

    OK, welcome to that Hack Chat everyone, let's get started. I'm Dan and I'll be moderating today along with Dusan as we welcome Mitxela to the Hack Chat. Hi Tim, welcome aboard!

    mitxela12:00 PM

    Dusan Petrovic12:00 PM
    Hello and welcome!

    Jan12:00 PM
    Hi there!

    william.berg0812:01 PM

    tom12:01 PM

    James Murphy12:01 PM
    Goooood Day Sirs!

    Chris Weiss12:01 PM

    Glad to have you on today, and to have a lot of new names in the chat.

    Matt Starfield joined the room.12:01 PM

    Can you perhaps kick us off with a little about your background and such?

    SHIK12:02 PM
    Hi :)

    Tim this game console you made is just genius!

    James Murphy12:02 PM
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    miguelmurca12:03 PM
    uh, mods?

    Working on it

    Vincent12:03 PM
    Boo bots!

    Ben12:03 PM
    Naughty bot

    Kevin.stork joined the room.12:03 PM

    mitxela12:03 PM
    Well... I have been playing around with MIDI for quite a few years now, along with various other electronics and software projects

    James Murphy12:04 PM
    I thought you wanted to know our background?

    James Murphy12:04 PM

    mitxela12:04 PM
    I wouldn't say I'm an expert in MIDI

    dracolytch joined the room.12:04 PM

    No, sorry -- I was talking to our guest.

    Patrick Adamo joined the room.12:04 PM

    James Murphy12:04 PM
    Can you explain midi to those of us who've heard about it but never utilitized it?...

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