Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Industrial Design Hack Chat

Form follows function

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 09/08/2021 at 23:560 Comments

Pablo Oyarzo12:23 PM
@Dan Maloney Eric OFC, Sam Zeloof , maybe Adam Savage?? and Simon Giertz

Erin RobotGrrl12:23 PM
Did you work at a design firm before making your own company? Which do you like more?

Eric Strebel12:24 PM
nice, i would like to meet some of those people :-)

Dan Maloney12:24 PM
Wouldn't Adam make a great keynote? I'll suggest it -- maybe we have a connection to him, friend of a friend thing.

Pablo Oyarzo12:24 PM
Whats your Top 5 ID youtubers/ content creators?

Pablo Oyarzo12:25 PM
Besides yourself haha

Eric Strebel12:25 PM
@Erin RobotGrrl , yes, I used to work for ALPS, Japanese switch maker, they make good stuff. I definitely like working for myself better, way more fun making videos on YouTube as well

Erin RobotGrrl12:25 PM

Eric Strebel12:26 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , actually I love Daniel shiffer, his video work is stunning, his insight into the video process has been invaluable

Pablo Oyarzo12:27 PM
None from Industrial design?

Rudranand Sahu12:27 PM
What are your opinions on creating a product for a market that is already filled with tough competition and cannot accommodate one more product or a company?

Eric Strebel12:27 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , the potato jet, is up there too, Jehu Garcia is up there too

Erin RobotGrrl12:28 PM
@Rudranand Sahu It better be at least 10x better then hahahaha

Eric Strebel12:28 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo ehhh, not a lot of them out there, and I don’t always like thier design philosophies, sorry designers are a picky bunch

Rudranand Sahu12:29 PM
@Erin RobotGrrl yep that is true XD

Eric Strebel12:29 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , Scott Robertson is an amazing technician, Even I learn from him about drawing stuff

Pablo Oyarzo12:30 PM
And i thought you drawing skills were great already. Good to hear you keep learning

Eric Strebel12:31 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , never stop learning, there is always something to learn in life

morgan12:31 PM
open (and hopefully useful) to all: would love recommendations on beginner drawing channels

wayn3w12:31 PM
I like your series on using Bondo for prototyping, especially since I mostly use traditional hand tools for making things. I'd like to make an investment to improve my ability to make prototypes; would you have a recommendation as to where I should invest, be it 3d modelling tools or laser cutters or CNC, or perhaps eomthing more basic?

morgan12:31 PM
with ID/design in mind

Pablo Oyarzo12:31 PM
are there any renowned ID competition/ Fair or events to look forward to?

Eric Strebel12:32 PM
@wayn3w , depends if you wan to expand your hand crafts of go in a more computerized direction. The materials are just tools to get an end result, sometimes picking the right tool for the job is half the battle

Eric Strebel12:33 PM
@morgan watch the fine art channels, they have a much better insight into the finer points of drawing than most designers do

wayn3w12:33 PM
That makes me think I should familiarize myself with more tools

morgan12:33 PM

Eric Strebel12:34 PM
@morgan anatomy is key, if you can draw the human form you can draw anything

morgan12:34 PM
ugh, those things

Eric Strebel12:35 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , sorry don’t keep track of that stuff anymore

Pablo Oyarzo12:35 PM
What are your Top 5 favorite materials? in general, either in a finished product or to prototype with

Dan Maloney12:35 PM
Hands and eyes. Those separate the amateurs from the pros

morgan12:35 PM
/me only draws pirates then

Eric Strebel12:36 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , bondo, silicone, resin, plaster and metal

Dan Maloney12:36 PM
"Draw the rest of the f*g owl."

Pablo Oyarzo12:36 PM
In that order? chan chan chaaaan

Rudranand Sahu12:37 PM
What are some important steps to be taken before open sourcing a hardware design? Also, will it differ from open sourcing a software design?

Eric Strebel12:37 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , not necessarily, I love using plaster but rarely use it any more

Eric Strebel12:38 PM
@Rudranand Sahu , I have never open source any hardware so I don’t know

periscout12:38 PM

periscout12:38 PM
Am new here

Eric Strebel12:39 PM
hello, welcome

periscout12:39 PM
Thank you

Dan Maloney12:39 PM
Hi @periscout, welcome. We're talking about Industrial Design right now with @Eric Strebel

periscout12:39 PM
Ok please

Eric Strebel12:40 PM
another filed I like to learn from is photographers, their insight into how to light object has been quite useful

Eric Strebel12:41 PM
Undertanding how light works, helps with drawing a lot

periscout12:41 PM
Please can I ask a question

Eric Strebel12:42 PM

periscout12:42 PM
How can I hack and get money 🤑

Dan Maloney12:42 PM
Wrong kind of hacking, @periscout

periscout12:42 PM
Ok please

Dan Maloney12:42 PM
We don't do that here.

periscout12:43 PM
What goes on here please

periscout12:44 PM
Like script coding?

Dan Maloney12:44 PM
Right now we're talking about industrial design, so let's stick to that please.

periscout12:44 PM

Erin RobotGrrl12:44 PM
What is the difference between ID and design engineer?

Rudranand Sahu12:45 PM
Sir, will you be able to lead a 45 minute webminar for our college? I would be our astute pleasure to receive wisdom from someone like you.

Eric Strebel12:46 PM
@Erin RobotGrrl ID’s focus on the “A”side and design engineers focus on the “B”side A side being astetics a nod function, material color, user interaction, design engineers more so on the engineering end, maybe mechanical or electrical

Dan Maloney12:47 PM
@Rudranand Sahu - it might be best to take that offline. DM me your email address and I'll pass it along to Eric

Eric Strebel12:47 PM
@rud, contact me offline so I can learn more

Erin RobotGrrl12:47 PM
Interesting, thank you!! :)

Eric Strebel12:47 PM
Thanks @Dan Maloney

Dan Maloney12:47 PM
Or that, if @Eric Strebel is cool with it ;-)

Rudranand Sahu12:47 PM
It's not in usa so offline won't be easy

Rudranand Sahu12:47 PM
It's in india

Rudranand Sahu12:48 PM
But thanks for your consideration

Eric Strebel12:48 PM
@Rudranand Sahu visit the website for contact info

Dan Maloney12:49 PM


Botzen Design

The "Alfred" backpack hanger is a rugid utilitarian multi-purpose backpack hanger and mobile device charging station, available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Designed for your busy digital lifestyle built to hold your backpack and charge your mobile devices. For use in your home, office, gym, bar, lockerroom, classroom,dorm room,recording studio and more!

Read this on Botzen

Rudranand Sahu12:50 PM
Thank you sir. I'll contact you soon at afternoon. (It's midnight in india)

Inne12:51 PM
@Eric Strebel bit of a weird question, can you share some of your experiences running a personal website?? Was there anything unexpected when you started out??

Dan Maloney12:51 PM
@Eric, just curious -- how big is your shop? It seems small, but you get quite a lot done in it

Eric Strebel12:53 PM
@Dan Maloney the shop is about 800sqft, most of it is never on camera, usually you just see my bench, that is set up for filming, the other parts are for storage and other machines and equipment

Dan Maloney12:54 PM
Ah, so pretty good size. Looks can be deceiving...

Eric Strebel12:54 PM
Sometimes I sketch in my studio, that is in a different location

Dan Maloney12:55 PM
And sometimes too big a shop creates its own problems, perhaps more than too small. I mean, look what Clickspring gets done in his tiny shop.

Eric Strebel12:55 PM
@Inne , nothing special about a website, just cost money, it’s a point of entry, helps funnel inquiries for business, it’s a must have to be legitimate in my opinion

Dan Maloney12:55 PM
Looks like you have easy access to outdoors, too -- always nice to have swing space with open air and natural light.

Eric Strebel12:55 PM
Oh that is another amazing channel

Dan Maloney12:56 PM
New video out today, if you want a sneak peek:

Dan Maloney12:56 PM


Clickspring Imagines The Workshop That Built The Antikythera Mechanism

When you look at the mechanisms of antiquity, it's hard not to wonder, "How did they ever do that?" Just a look around our own shops shows how many things are bought from suppliers that benefit from the latest in automated machinery, computer control, and clean, safe electrical power.

Read this on Hackaday

Eric Strebel12:57 PM
Some of those machinist have amazing channels as well, Abomb does s good job as well, so does this old tony

Erin RobotGrrl12:57 PM
Gotta go - @Eric Strebel Thank you for your time answering some of my questions (and everyone's) today!! :)

Dan Maloney12:57 PM
Thanks @Erin RobotGrrl !

Eric Strebel12:57 PM
@Erin RobotGrrl , your welcome, anytime!

Dan Maloney12:58 PM
One last question from me, Eric -- what's "the one tool" that rules them all for you?

Eric Strebel12:58 PM
just time for a few more questions then I have to get back to work as well

Eric Strebel1:00 PM
@Dan Maloney , i guess, the mind would be the ultimate tool, probably not the answer you were looking for, but be critical and think for your self, don’t take everything at face value, do your own research and find out how things work

Alex1:00 PM
do you have a purchase link for one of those

morgan1:01 PM

Eric Strebel1:01 PM
@Alex , LOL, higher education!

Dan Maloney1:01 PM
Actually, that's a really good way to put it. Along the same lines: imagination. At least that's what I tell my kids -- never lose your power of imagination

Eric Strebel1:02 PM
@Dan Maloney , absolutely! Don’t stop bing a KId!

morgan1:02 PM
heck yeah

deʃhipu1:02 PM
if you lack imagination, store-bought is fine too

Dan Maloney1:02 PM
Alright, sounds like Eric has some work queued up, so let's let him get back to it. Thanks so much for your time today, Eric -- I really enjoyed this.

Dan Maloney1:03 PM
And thanks to all for the great questions and good engagement!

Eric Strebel1:03 PM
@Dan Maloney , fantastic, love all the questions, was wonderful to be here and interact with everyone!

morgan1:03 PM
it was a good one

Eric Strebel1:03 PM

Eric Strebel1:03 PM
Take care everyone, Rock On! Thanks

Dan Maloney1:04 PM
And of course, I'm always looking for hosts, so please send me your suggestions of people you'd like to see host a Hack Chat:

Dan Maloney1:04 PM


The Hack Chat FAQ |

What is a Hack Chat? * Hack Chat is a weekly online chat session where people discuss the interesting things they're doing with the Hackaday community. Hack Chats are fun, informal text-chat sessions that let hackers connect and interact in an in-depth way. * Who is a Hack Chat for?

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Dan Maloney1:04 PM
Thanks Eric!

Eric Strebel1:04 PM
absolutely! My pleasure