Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for The Digital Ham Hack Chat

Hams were digital before digital was cool

dan-maloneyDan Maloney 07/13/2022 at 20:080 Comments
John Hays12:40 PM

@Kaushlesh Chandel - we are seeing a lot of projects that really get excitement from kids. High altitude balloons, ISS contacts, fox hunting, kit building, ... it just takes motivated mentors/elmers who will work with them and make it fun/interesting.

Kaushlesh Chandel12:41 PM
I've looked into the Bluetooth tnc ( couldn't buy any yet ) I am not suggesting one device or another... just thinking of how can it be easy and fun ( turn on, and it works ) for a Gen Z

Jan Weber12:42 PM
AATiS is a great concept, should be copied all over the world. That’s a German non-profit organization bringing ham radio to the schools by offering teaching material and low-priced kits with a ham radio and STEM orientation

John Hays12:42 PM
@Jan Weber -- Do you have contacts at AATiS?

K2LCT12:44 PM
LoRa APRS seems strong in EU but I have not seen much of it in the USA!

Jan Weber12:44 PM
@John Hays : No. but have a look here:

John Hays12:44 PM
@Jan Weber - Thanks

Mark J Hughes12:44 PM
KE6WOB -- Sorry I'm late!

Steve Stroh N8GNJ12:45 PM
@fid There is this, which is essentially a portable radio's internals controlled by Arduino and serial port ATDT commands -

KC1AWV12:45 PM
@K2LCT - I actually worked a lot of LoRa APRS last year using an STA call I applied for. The ability is there, but the power limits are pretty restricting. You'll need high andtennas and a clear freq. bandwidth of at least 125 kHz to be effective.

John Hays12:45 PM
BTW - this project has been very successful and the leader would be happy to share experiences

Dan Maloney12:46 PM
No worries @Mark J Hughes. And welcome!

John Hays12:46 PM
Sorry (wrong paste). This one

Dan Maloney12:46 PM
And FYI all -- I'll post a transcript after the chat in case you want to refer back to any of these links

John Hays12:47 PM

fetch87212:47 PM
If anyone has any questions on M17 please head to our website and link to our discord

KC1AWV12:47 PM
Hi @John Hays :)

Mark J Hughes12:47 PM
How do we get in touch with you outside of hackaday?

Mark J Hughes12:48 PM
I have a project that I'd like to see accomplished -- but no time for it myself. Perhaps you know some people who can help?

John Hays12:48 PM
@Steve Miller and I have a german ham that wants to build FIDOnet on top of LORAwan but needs developers (he is primarily a tech writer).

fid12:48 PM
Thanks @Dan Maloney . A transcript would be great.

Rosy Schechter12:50 PM
@Mark J Hughes, and our website is

KJ7CLT12:50 PM
That uv3a board looks like a fun prototyping to build with GnuRadio.

Mark J Hughes12:50 PM

Rosy Schechter12:50 PM

John Hays12:50 PM
I have a hard stop at the top of the hour. If there are any specifics for me. You can also reach out for grants at or me personally at

KC1AWV12:50 PM
@John Hays LoRaWAN, or LoRa the modulation? I'm going to be honest here, I'm against using closed protocols (LoRa is owned by Semtech, and was only exposed through reverse engineering) - but something like FIDO on LoRa is possible. I mean, we're only talking the PHY layer with LoRa. I'd suggest taking a look at Reticulum Network Stack, I've been in contact with Mark Qvist off and on about it and is very, very interesting.

Kaushlesh Chandel12:51 PM
I am a long-time programmer... I did a lot of work on Arduino's, Raspberry pi's Lora, BT, Zigbee, SDR's, et al. Ill be happy to work on interesting projects.

William Stearns12:53 PM
@Steve Miller I believe that's all under the non-profit now as a standard.

Mark J Hughes12:54 PM
@Kaushlesh Chandel Please email me

John Hays12:54 PM
@Steve Miller - we are all about open source, and any development of software / hardware that we fund will need to fall under that umbrella. However, most radios are full of proprietary components so existing technology will sometimes be intellectual property encumbered -- we would have a hard time funding something like a repeater if it had to have no IP in it, from a pragmatic point of view.

KC1AWV12:54 PM
@William Stearns Oh, interesting. If it's a well documented modulation type, it's possible it could be used on amateur bands.

Jan Weber12:55 PM
@KC1AWV : What’s the use of a crypto networking stack with respect to ham radio? I thought ham radio communication is ought to be in clear text?

Kaushlesh Chandel12:55 PM
@Mark J Hughes I just emailed you.

KC1AWV12:56 PM
@Jan Weber The encryption is not intended to hide the message, rather allow the network to work. Anyone on the stack can see and monitor messages, AFAIK. There's a discussion about it in the RNS github.

John Hays12:56 PM
@Jan Weber in the US at least, encryption to obscure the meaning of the content is prohibited. Command and control can be obscured to my understanding.

Kaushlesh Chandel12:56 PM
I second @John Hays . Was about to say that Ham communication cannot be encrypted

Thomas Shaddack12:57 PM
What about steganography? Encoding a hidden (possibly encrypted) signal on top of a cleartext message, in eg. a phase jitter?

Kaushlesh Chandel12:58 PM
Steganography is good... It would need a much larger image payload. And again... its encrypted and not legal

KJ7CLT12:59 PM
Thank you

Rosy Schechter1:00 PM
Hey folks, I have to hop off. Thank you so much @Dan Maloney for having me and @John Hays on the hack chat! It's been great chatting with everyone.

fid1:00 PM
I thought I should share my call sign. K6FID. I might see you on the radio. :-)

Thomas Shaddack1:00 PM
The point of stego is to not get caught.

Dan Maloney1:00 PM
You bet, I was just about to call time. Thanks Rosy!

fid1:01 PM
Thank you @Rosy Schechter . It was an interesting topic.

Kaushlesh Chandel1:01 PM
73 ll

Rosy Schechter1:01 PM
thanks @Dan Maloney and @fid

Rosy Schechter1:01 PM
bug us with grant proposals ;)

Rosy Schechter1:01 PM

hspil1:01 PM
@Rosy Schechter Many thanks

fetch8721:01 PM
73 , thanks for the chat

Dan Maloney1:01 PM
And thanks to John too! I really appreciate your time today, as well as all the great questions from the crowd. Thanks!

John Hays1:01 PM
Yes, I have another commitment now. Thanks everybody, I will leave the chat open, but not see a question due to multi-tasking -- 73 to all.

Mark J Hughes1:01 PM

Dusan Petrovic1:02 PM
Thanks @Rosy Schechter

Dusan Petrovic1:02 PM
Thank you all for participating!

K2LCT1:02 PM
73 de K2LCT

William Stearns1:02 PM
Thanks ARDC! 73 de NE4RD

@Jan Weber - I found the discussion that I mentioned here:

Jan Weber1:03 PM
It’s getting late here. Good night!