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Wednesday, July 26, 2023 12:00 pm PDT Local time zone:
Hack Chat
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The folks from Adafruit will host the Hack Chat on Wednesday, July 26 at noon Pacific.

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It's always a party when the good folks from Adafruit stop by the Hack Chat, and we expect no less than that this time around. It's hard to predict where the conversation will go when LadyAda, pt, and Scott roll in, but we strongly suspect it'll center on what's new in the world of CircuitPython. We've heard that they've got some cool stuff going on with CircuitPython on the RP2040, which just might lead to a Python-based fix for the current Bus Pirate supply chain problem. It'll be a swashbucklingly good time, so make sure you stop by.

  • Hack Chat Transcript

    Tom Nardi07/26/2023 at 20:04 0 comments

    wa4jat  2:49 PM
    captain.morgan  2:49 PM
    toot toot!
    DPM  2:50 PM
    "Tootle the horn melodiously..."
    RPLaJeunesse  2:50 PM
    pt  2:51 PM
    for the folks who are here early, here is a treat, some factory footage i just posted up
    DPM  2:51 PM
    Factory tour!!
    DPM  2:51 PM
    And for reference:
    pt  2:51 PM
    a short version :) selective soldering, pick and place, a few odds and ends
    wa4jat  2:53 PM
    Cool video :-)
    anfractuosity  2:53 PM
    cool, not seen the soldering process that's performing on the bottom before
    DPM  2:54 PM
    Serious question: how do PnP machines not scatter components all over the place when they take the tape off? Any time I try to peel that tape back, everything goes flying.
    wa4jat  2:54 PM
    I have setup wave soldering years ago but never seen selective soldering like that.
    Jimb  2:55 PM
    Seemed like there was a lot of bridging
    captain.morgan  2:55 PM
    neat, I've seen some cool demo videos of laser selective soldering for SMD
    tannewt  2:55 PM
    Hi folks!
    anfractuosity  2:55 PM
    @Dan Maloney tape?
    captain.morgan  2:55 PM
    wonder if that's withing the realm of desktop these days...
    DPM  2:55 PM
    Yeah, the clear plastic cover over the components
    Jimb  2:56 PM
    The tape holding parts in the strips
    anfractuosity  2:56 PM
    ladyada  2:56 PM
    static can be an issue! the feeders are metal so that helps a bit, but mostly there's drops and you do optical inspection to deect it
    Jimb  2:57 PM
    I imagine the rigidity of the fixtures and the way the tape is peeledd back is important too
    captain.morgan  2:58 PM
    my desktop has a leafspring that pushes the tape up and only a small opening to pick the part, that keeps the tape from moving virtually at all
    ladyada  2:58 PM
    yeah its pulled directly back with a sharp corner. im sure they've worked on it a ton. we also dont go under 0402
    captain.morgan  2:58 PM
    ...desktop machine...
    Jimb  2:59 PM
    saw a 201 once. like a grain of sand!
    ladyada  2:59 PM
    01005 boggles the mind
    Jimb  2:59 PM
    It was stuck to my bench by the previous owner. Wondered what the bump was
    DPM  3:00 PM
    Don't forget to go over to too -- that's where they'll be answering the questions we ask here
    DPM  3:04 PM
    I seem to be having trouble getting chat messages through. Anyone else?
    pt  3:04 PM
    DPM  3:04 PM
    @Richard Hogben - can you take a look?
    pt  3:04 PM
    hmm, tryin again - @Dan Maloney when ya give the GO we'll start to broadcast !
    DPM  3:04 PM
    I'm getting you @pt
    RPLaJeunesse  3:05 PM
    Same here
    Jimb  3:05 PM
    here or youtube?
    MS3FGX  3:05 PM
    Testing, 1 2 3
    pt  3:05 PM
    ok rad, looks like the messages are making it here now, about to go live on youtube, etc. too
    rich  3:05 PM
    looks ok here
    DPM  3:05 PM
    I'm seeing enough activity that I'm comfortable saying we're good
    ladyada  3:06 PM
    w00h00 we r liiiive
    DPM  3:06 PM
    deshipu  3:06 PM
    DPM  3:06 PM
    Head over there
    VideoPod  3:07 PM
    Lets Light this Candle!
    davus  3:07 PM
    too much mic feedback
    DPM  3:07 PM
    The candle is lit
    DerBaum  3:08 PM
    👋 hi
    DPM  3:08 PM
    Hi @BaumInventions
    pt  3:08 PM
    ok! live vid in all the places, scott is talking...
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zyndram wrote 07/22/2023 at 09:21 point

why not ruby?

ruby is object oriented and faster

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