World Create Day - Madison

Get Together and Hack @ The Bodgery

Saturday, April 22, 2017 10:00 am CDT - Saturday, April 22, 2017 01:00 pm CDT Local time zone:
Madison, Wisconsin
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The excellent members of The Bodgery are opening up their makerspace for World Create Day. Bring your latest project and work on it with other Hackaday readers from the Madison area.

WCD is an excellent chance to take on the build you've been thinking about, or finish up the project that's dragging on too long. Make sure to bring along all the tools and materials you need. And be ready to meet a bunch of new people.

Starts at: 10am, Saturday April 22nd

Ends at: 1pm the same day -- you can still make it to the Science March!

Location: The Bodgery, 4444 Robertson Rd., Madison, WI 53714

I know 10am on a Saturday can be early for some hackers. To sweeten the deal I'm bringing along coffee and donuts. Of course there will also be Hackaday stickers and some other free stuff waiting for you. See you at The Bodgery!

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  • Both Bits and Atoms Twiddled for World Create Day

    Mike Szczys04/24/2017 at 18:00 6 comments

    We had a ton of fun at The Bodgery for 2017 World Create Day. Everyone brought along projects to work on and there were tons of ideas an advice flying as we got down to the hacking.

    The three images above are all things that Josh Lange brought along with him. His LCIRIC project is an 8x8 pixel thermal camera which was entered in last year's Hackaday Prize.

    He's been working on a driver board for 32x32 RGB panels. The PCB was really interesting because he designed footprints for both an ESP8266 module and a Bluetooth module, not knowing which he ultimately wanted to use. The power supply for this board is a commodity 18650 Lithium cell with a battery holder to go along with it. This is a brilliant choice for DIY projects.

    The two images above show an NES project which comes in two parts. One is a 3D printed NES cartridge enclosure that holds an edge-conntector PCB that attaches to a Raspberry Pi Zero. The second part is a PCB that will interface with the NES expansion port. When completed, the expansion port add-on will automatically detect when the Raspberry Pi catridge has been inserted, allowing the Pi to use the NES video hardware and controllers to run emulated games (or whatever else you want) without any alteration to the NES.

    Bob Baddeley was hunched over the sewing machine during World Create Day. He's working on a costume set of Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen costumes (relevant video).

    The internal structure is made from those spring structures on clothing hampers. He's using fabric tablecloths for the project -- they're inexpensive, large, and come in all the colors he needs. The completed costumes have mesh for the mouth so the wearer can see out.

    Sorry for the motion blur, but you can't try this on without flailing around!

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