Hackaday's World Create Day @ Osaka Makers' Space

We're going to spend the day hacking, building, upcycling, and making. Be sure to bring your imagination!

Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:00 am JST - 11:00 pm JST Osaka, JAPAN
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It's a maker/hacker festival. Bring what you want to work on or a plan for it, and we'll all help out if we can. I (John) will be working on the upcoming mini-robot battles. You're welcome to get a head start on the competition or help me plan things out. Others will work on contests or private projects.


Time / 時間: 1100-2300

Location /場所 : Osaka Makers' Space 大阪メーカースペース

Fee / 料金: Free for monthly members, daily/hourly rate for non-members. 


  • The Event!

    John Daniels5 days ago 0 comments

    We had a great World Make Day at Osaka Makers' Space! Our attendance was a little lower than we had hoped, and some of our participants needed repair work more than creative work, but all in all, a great day building, coding, and repairing.

    We built a breakout board for a BLE module, coded a robot to be voice activated using that module, built a soldering iron stand, built 3 children's chairs, and repaired a MacBook Air.

    Thanks everyone1

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