Finally managed to pull the images off the Cidermatic

A event log for World Create Day / Super Happy Hacker House @ VHS

Vancouver Hack Space will be hosting a meetup for World Create Day as part of our Super Happy Hacker House party.

JarrettJarrett 05/27/2017 at 08:090 Comments

Thanks again, @Luke Cyca!

These are all pretty early in the night, I think we started to forget about it as the space filled up.

Here's Luke, setting it up.

Takin' it for a test ride.

Yes, Moritz _really_ is that tall!

Hey bro, I think you got something on your lens.

Tom just DGAF

And then he found a mirror.

Cidermatic selfie!

And a lens for a face.

Glasses down, Jake. Safety first.


And the award for "coolest picture of the night" goes to... @Chad!

Eyyyy! It's @logan.buchy!


Wait, did it get that?

Rahul dropped in!

Along with @Richard Sim, sporting some rad HackADay stickers (thanks for those, by the way!)

Doug came in to chat about hackspaces - He's taking on more of a role at one of our nearby friend-spaces, Surrey Makercube

Kevin showing off the excellent cider of the evening

A brief demonstration

Some people are less impressed. To be fair, Jon is a hard man to impress.

OH NO! David's RC goose appears when you least expect it.

We're gonna miss you Farrell! Just passing through for the last time.

Yeah buddy!

A wild Rob appears!

That's not conspicuous advertising at all. Shame on you, Rob.

Super chill as always, Mark.

Roxy's gotta step up, too.

Dominion Cider. That's the stuff. Even Dan agrees.

Bruce and Luke made it down for their annual pilgrimmage.

Don't forget Mimi!

What do you get when you take the "idol" out of a semi-famous Australian pop idol? This guy! He's got more Instagram followers than any of us.

And cut!

Another big shout out to Luke and his excellent cider company, Dominion Cider. Check out cidery's tech blog here (he uses a lot of ESP8266s), and the making of the photobooth here.

Thanks all, it's been a slice! Hopefully you had as much fun looking at these as we had being there.