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Arduino joins us in the Hack Chat

Friday, May 12th at noon PDT, Tenaya Hurst from Arduino is joining us in the Hack Chat.

Tenaya Hurst is a maker mentor. From finding out about the Arduino microcontroller technology in 2013, she's taken off with the electronic fever of making. Originally from Berkeley California, Tenaya attended Indiana University Bloomington obtaining a B.A. in theatre, geology, and anthropology. As Education Accounts Manager for Arduino, Tenaya advocates for STEAM in schools and helps to develop Arduino curriculum to help teachers worldwide.

Check out her maker-music videos on Youtube:

In this chat, Tenaya will share insights into what Arduino is doing in education in the immediate future. She'll also discuss a wearable tech kit she's working on and Arduino's latest hardware.

Bring your questions and feedback! Here's the sheet for discussion.

Arduino is developing an IDE with the community. If you have input, please email @Kathy Giori at

  • Arduino Hack Chat Transcript

    Shulie Tornel05/12/2017 at 19:36 1 comment

    Tenaya Hurst

    Tenaya Hurst Hackaday is amazing, thank you for such a wonderful contribution to the Arduino community and beyond. Well, helllllooo hackers! My name is Tenaya Hurst and I am from Berkeley California. I am a Geo-anthropactress - part Geologist, part Anthropologist, part Actress. One magical day, at the Tech Museum in San Jose, my life changed when I was asked to demo a wearable tech coat on "Make" day. Whammy, all at once I found out about 1) Arduino 2) Make and Makerfaire, and 3) Wearable Tech. Being friends with smart people, always a passion of mine, finding this not-so-secret maker culture - combining it all with art - these are my people!!! It has been an amazing journey and I'm still on the road. I can't even wait to tell you all though! It's been 3 years with Arduino - and I finally toured all the factories in Italy!!!! The owners were so sweet and gave me PCBs and I am so inspired. Did you know that men and women put SO much attention and care and hand soldering and so many processes with the PCB and copper - whew!! I was blown away. The quality of Arduino is really in all these smart, detail-oriented Italians who make it happen!

    Boian Mitov @Tenaya Hurst pictures from the trip/factories? ;-)

    Jarred very cool!!

    Brian McEvoy I have toured a local PCB plant and they are incredible places. Highly recommended.

    Tenaya Hurst We have one factory - making PCBS. Then we have 2 facilities that turn those PCBS into Arduino boards. Then we have a 4th group working on putting the tested and beautiful Arduinos into boxes...and they have the whole Starter Kit assembly line!

    Shulie Tornel wow... can anyone tour the Arduino factories?or make an rsvp?

    Greg Kennedy is there a height requirement?

    Boian Mitov @Greg Kennedy :-D

    Lutetium :P

    Tenaya HurstWe should definitely make a Pirates of the Caribbean experience ;-)

    Boian Mitov At least if you post some pictures here, we will feel like we have toured ;-)

    Kathy Giori maybe there should be quarterly "open house" tours

    Boian Mitov Or at least some Virtual Tours ;-)

    Jordan Bunker a virtual tour would be awesome!

    Kathy Giori that's a great idea -- record for a VR tour

    Tenaya Hurst This is a real life tour of pick and place machines and copper PCB baths!

    Kathy Giori even better would be a VR tour from the perspective of a board being built, as it travels from chip through PCB through board into a box...

    Boian Mitov @Kathy Giori Really cool idea!

    Mike Szczys @Kathy Giori would love to see that!

    Tenaya Hurst Yes, I will certainly post some photos and be writing a blog, I want to make sure to reveal some more fun things while I have you ;-)

    Boian Mitov @Tenaya Hurst Please do ;-)

    Kathy Giori adesso parli italiano? (now you speak italisn?)

    Tenaya Hurst We will have Otto boards at Makerfaire! We are creating a new board with the number...Cinque....

    Tenaya Hurst And of course, I am working on some amazing initiatives for education.

    Sophi Kravitz Tell us more about Cinque first!

    Daren Schwenke like everyone in the studio audience today will be taking home a free sample. :)

    Sophi Kravitz (if you can share)

    Tenaya Hurst Well, even Kathy knows more about this board - we will be sharing just some samples at Maker Faire with the real board of course to follow. Have you heard of Sig-5?

    willsender Where are the arduino factories located?

    Boian Mitov @Tenaya Hurst will have to see to add support for the Otto in Visuino :-) They release boards faster than I can add them :-D

    Tenaya Hurst

    Tenaya Hurst The factories are in northern Italy, right where Arduino was invented in Ivrea!

    Tenaya Hurst

    Tenaya Hurst Here I am at the PCB factory with the owner - by the real machine that makes Arduino teal....ooooohhhh

    Tenaya Hurst

    Radomir Dopieralski

    @Sophi Kravitz could be PWM

    Tenaya Hurst Here are some Arduino UNOs, just hanging out on this pallet. Don't worry, soon they will be teaching the children about Mosfets and capacitors and potentiometers. This is my kind of soldering...

    ceneblock I think I'm more interested in the bulk uncut PCB (without...

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Boian Mitov wrote 05/12/2017 at 00:39 point

Looking forward to it :-)

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limor wrote 05/10/2017 at 15:47 point

Looking forward to this chat!

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Lutetium wrote 05/10/2017 at 16:22 point

See you on Friday :)

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