Join us for the Hackaday LA Meetup of September!  

We're currently in the Hackaday Prize, Round 5: Anything Goes, which ends on October 16th. Bring your projects and show us what you're building.  

Featured Speakers

Kalind Carpenter, JPL - "Rapid prototyping techniques for extreme manipulators and mobility platforms"

Rapid prototyping techniques and technologies are constantly expanding. As materials and processes improve we can push the limits of our creations into new realms. These include bio inspired climbing and grasping solutions where evolution has shown us what is possible. This presentation will cover a number of projects where rapid prototyping led to better or faster final product. This ranges from Robosimian, ARRM (Asteroid Redirect and Return Mission), DROP (Durable Reconnaissance Observation Platform) and PUFFER (Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot) to potential solutions for ocean worlds.

Kalind is a Robotics Engineer in the Robotic Vehicles and Manipulators Group (347B). The lab he works in focuses on rapid technology development and end effectors specifically tailored to gripping and rough surface mobility.  Current work includes (Co-I) on PUFFER  Ocean Worlds Mobility Study.  Micro ground vehicles task designing wall climbing robots that utilize microspines, electrostatic and Gecko adhesive to climb vertical surfaces.  Previous work includes principal investigator on the variable radius wheel.  Lead engineer on the Cam Hand for Robosimian.  Lead engineer on the gripping sub assembly of the asteroid gripper for the asteroid return mission option B.  Mobility consultant and field engineer for Volcanobot.  His thesis research has led to a patent, upcoming journal article and continued research into palm sized climbing platforms.

Will Kalman - "Shooting Stars" 

An introduction to the challenges, technology, techniques, and art of deep space and planetary astrophotography.

Will Kalman writes back-end business applications by trade.  But at all other times, he enjoys every aspect of mechanical, electrical, and logical creation, engineering, and fabrication – and especially activities that combine them.  When he’s not riding his unicycle down mountain trails, that is.


Call For Lightning Talks

We will have reserved time for lightning talks. You'll get about two minutes to make an announcement, demo a project, or call for project collaborators. There will be a sign-up list at the meetup.

Showing off demos and projects is highly recommended. We're in the midst of The Hackaday Prize 2017, extra points if you bring your #HackadayPrize project and show us how you want to move humanity forward. Get feedback, ask for advice, or form a team to work together.



The DesignLab is at 30 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA. You probably won't find street parking nearby, but please see this Google map showing the Supplyframe DesignLab location and nearby parking structures:

• Del Mar Station Parking Structure (2 min walk), 198 South Raymond Avenue. 626.817.0827

• Schoolhouse Park & Walk Structure (7 min walk), 33 East Green Street. 626.577.8963

• De Lacey Park & Walk Structure (10 min walk), 45 South De Lacey Avenue. 626.577.8963

Public Transportation

Using the Metro Goldline trains is quick and easy. It takes about 20 mins from Union Station in downtown LA to Del Mar Station, which is less than 2 minutes walk from our front door. Trains run about every 10 mins during the day and 20 mins at night from 11pm-2am.

There are also buses that serve Old Town Pasadena. The nearest intersection is FAIR OAKS/DEL MAR BLVD, PASADENA, CA 91105. You can find timetables or use the Metro Trip Planner at