Join Mike Harrison as he unboxes some hardware for the first time and begins the process of exploring how the equipment was manufactured and what design choices went into it.

For years we've enjoyed seeing Mike's teardowns on his YouTube Channel, mikeselectricstuff. This workshop is not so much about the hardware itself as it is about the process Mike uses to evaluate existing designs. The workshop will be the first time he's opened the box. He'll describe how he peels away the layers of the unknown to begin understanding what everything does and why those choices were made.

Time permitting, the workshop will continue beyond the teardown to explore the functional characteristics of the hardware.

Mike Harrison is in Pasadena for the Hackaday Superconference. He is the designer of this year's camera badge, the official conference badge (full details available on the project page). We're delighted that Mike offered to host a workshop while he's in town. This event will be held the Wednesday before Supercon in the Supplyframe Design Lab.

Admission is free but space is extremely limited. Please reserve your ticket right away.