Eagle: One Year Later - Transcript 2

A event log for Eagle: One Year Later

We're checking in with Eagle CAD to hear about new features added in the past year and to learn what's coming in 2018

LutetiumLutetium 12/15/2017 at 22:360 Comments

technolomaniac : I would like to solve transient thermal first

Frank Buss : Altium panelization is nice that it is still all interactive PCB editor, this hackaday posting was about a Gerber hack

Andrew Sowa : in b4 I write a lot of articles etc.

technolomaniac : and then CFD, then FEA.

technolomaniac : @Andrew Sowa then you and I should chat 1:1 about sim. I like SI. it's on my list of things to be interested in. :)

Sophi KravitzWe're going to be out of time in 9 minutes, get your last questions/ comments in

Sophi Kravitz : you can stay on the chat as long as you want of course, but it officially ends on the hour :)

Andrew Sowa : I don't much about it but I know fabs do it on their own. My worry is that I penalize and then they say I screwed up without knowing exactly how wrong I am.

technolomaniac : yah, the fabs do it and they have great tools for it. things like a TDR and great test equip that most of us dont need to own/

Jorge Garcia : We did solve steady state thermal if that helps

Jorge Garcia :

technolomaniac : oh yah...that's the beauty of the fusion integration

technolomaniac : Fusion gives you thermal, stress, CAM (toolpath), 3D printing, etc...everything like a proper MCAD tool

technolomaniac : sorry, that was handwavy...but it's true!

Andrew Sowa : I have use webench for some thermals but that's another thing I want to be better at. Hi-power leds get toasty

Jorge Garcia : Tell me about it

technolomaniac : ahh yep, I know the guys that built it! very well!

technolomaniac : they are clever dudes...

technolomaniac : the back end of that is a serious thermal simulator

NikiSchlifke : I'm using a Allegro A3091 h-bridge with sinusoidal PWM but get a square-ish voltage on the scope....

technolomaniac : and they have done a great job of reducing the problem of deciding on their parts to near zero

Andrew Sowa : I am I allowed to say autorouter or is that a four letter word.

Sophi Kravitz : say it

technolomaniac : HAHAHA ...yes

Shayna : lol

technolomaniac : autorouters can be frustrating, I know.

Jorge Garcia : @NikiSchlifke without looking up the part- if the input pins are comparator based it won't matter that the PWM is sinusoidal.

technolomaniac : but they can also be super helpful

technolomaniac : @Andrew Sowa I would prefer if we focused on assisted routing

technolomaniac : things like Autocomplete

technolomaniac : things like auto length tune

Andrew Sowa : agreed

Frank Buss : the Eagle autorouter was nice, a bit slow sometimes with fine routing grid

technolomaniac : things like Sketch based routing

Edwin Robledo : Push&Shove

Jorge Garcia : @Frank Buss it's still there in all it's glory. :)

technolomaniac : @Edwin Robledo AHAHAHAA... dude, that is SO tuesday.

Andrew Sowa : push and shove is huge. I don't think i can ever go backwards from that

Frank Buss : even in the free version?

Jorge Garcia : Yes sir

technolomaniac : yes

Edwin Robledo : hahahhah

technolomaniac : @Frank Buss I am planning all of the same features for free and paid.

NikiSchlifke : @Jorge Garcia, by sinusoidal pwm I mean I modulate the pulse with to get a sinusoidal shape after filtering.

Jorge Garcia : Question: Aren't push and shove synonyms? What's the difference?

Jorge Garcia : :)

Frank Buss : one reason back in the days for me buying the commercial version was the autorouter, you might lose some money :-)

technolomaniac : dont ask philosophical questions @Jorge Garcia

technolomaniac : @Frank Buss I agree...but this really isnt about short term revenue

Sophi Kravitz : I've got to jump off, but we'll post a transcript shortly.

Sophi Kravitz : Thanks for coming @technolomaniac !

technolomaniac : the goal here is building awesome tools and if I told you how many autorouter licenses we sold, you would...then again you wouldnt, probably be surpirsed

Shayna : Thank you @technolomaniac

Edwin Robledo : Thank you @technolomaniac Great Stuff as usual!!

technolomaniac : Thanks everyone!

Boian Mitov : Thank you @Sophi Kravitz !

davedarko : thank you for doing this :)