*This is a hands-on workshop* on making the leap from that ratsnest of wires you have hanging off of an Arduino, that piece of perfboard, or something you etched at home, into something that can be built in a board house to a professional standard. Our time will be spent in a CAD tool creating circuits.

We will look at component selection and making the choices about parts, creating libraries, drawing schematics, wiring, electrical rules, creating PCB footprints (to spec), routing, PCB rules & constraints, output files, what to send, where to send it etc, etc. When we're done, we'll be ordering some boards. If you want to order the ones you'd done in the workshop, we will arrange this at cost for you and place a bulk order for components so you can put it together.

The events are taking place on Saturdays at Supplyframe San Francisco Office, 500 3rd Street, Suite 230, San Francisco.

Make sure you reserve your spot by RSVPing on the event Meetup Page.