Lead a Hackaday Meetup in your city on March 17th! 

On Hackaday's Annual World Create Day, we join our community of local Hackaday meetups around the world to collaborate on projects for social change. 

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Hackaday World Create Day on March 17, 2018

World Create Day lays down a design challenge. The people at your meetup will pick a technology challenge and brainstorm a solution for it. Leverage the skills of everyone involved to come up with mechanical, electrical, and design solutions. 

This is what the Hackaday Prize is all about and what you come up with on World Create Day should be entered in the first challenge.  

We want to see all of your pictures and videos! We want to hear about the interesting build ideas that sprouted from your group. We’ll be picking the most spectacular design solutions to share on the Hackaday front page, and there will be prizes. We also want to celebrate the fun of getting together in person with all of the people who make Hackaday a part of their daily ritual. 

You can watch what is going on all over the world here: http://worldcreateday2018.tweetwally.com/

If you want to share what's happening at your event, the hashtag is #WorldCreateDay