In January we had The Gathering which was well attended and much free beer was consumed. We can't do that sort of thing every month but when [Chris Gammell] and [Mike Szczys] found out they were going to be in Pasadena at the same time [Chris] suggested meeting for a beer and inviting the readers. Well, [Chris] actually suggested inviting the listeners since he's one of the hosts of The Amp Hour, the industry leading podcast on all things regarding electronic design. We're big fans of the show, as well as [Chris Gammell] himself who has recently statedContextual Electronics (we covered the beta version back in July). Why don't you join use? You'll need to foot the cost of your own beer and food, but showing up with a bit of hardware could score you a shirt or stickers.

There is no plan, just a fun evening to hang out and see where conversation takes us. We don't even have a time or location planned (other than the Pasadena area), but we'll Tweet that out on Wednesday as soon as we establish the details. Make sure you follow @hackaday,@Chris_Gammell, or @szczys and watch for the #HaD_meetup tag.