Note: This meetup is on Wednesday at 7:30am PDT/ 10:30 am EDT (-4:00 GMT)/ 5:30pm EEST/ 8pm IST Check out this handy timezone cheat by@LazyHD (formerly known as @Hisham Daou)

Or another way to see the time courtesy of World Clock.

The Hackaday Prize is underway and many of you have awesome projects. BEST PRODUCT is a category you can opt-into if you can get 3 copies of your product to Pasadena, California, USA, by August 17th, 2015.

Want to discuss your Prize entry with supportive listeners? Get feedback? Learn more about THP? Find collaborators?

This meetup is co-hosted by @Anool Mahidharia and @Sophi Kravitz

Join us on the Hackaday Prize Hacker Channel! If you're not a member already, all are welcome, request to join from the Channel page.

We'll be posting pictures and chat, just like old school IRC. You will have approximately 8 minutes to talk about your project.

Sign up to get a Show Your Project slot here. We need your username to tag you. if you have Twitter or FB, and you want us to tag/ tweet about you, put your @name on there.