The Maakplek in Groningen is excited to participate in the world create day. We are a community makerspace with a broad focus on many aspects of making.

A few examples, we have:

a lasercutter,

3d printers,

a wood-shop,

a metal-shop,

vinyl cutter (for stickers),

a knitting machine,

textile section,

electonics section,

and more.

Come to the world create day at the Maakplek and get inspired by cool equipment or materials. Talk with experienced makers about their projects or your yet to be masterpiece. We treat this day as an open house, so come check out the Maakplek and bring your project. (provided it is not too big and heavy otherwise bring pictures ;)). During the day, you can make sketches about the new things you came up with during the day. Every time interval there will be the possibility to show your drawings on the awesome Sketch-projector we found in our storage (see pictures), and give a 2 minute elaboration on them.

The day will be from 10:00 - 22:00. We might (and probably will) continue after hours, but till 22:00 is guaranteed. We hope to see you in Groningen, we are looking forward to meeting you and hearing the plans you have.

How to get into the building:

The Maakplek is located in the basement of the big building (achterweg 1) behind the central station. If you are standing in front of the main entrance follow the building left till you see another entrance with sliding doors and stairs going down. There will be a red Maakplek doorbell which you can ring and someone will come and open the doors for you.