A event log for 2015 Hackaday SuperConference

The most awesome hardware conference ever

Sophi KravitzSophi Kravitz 11/05/2015 at 20:550 Comments
Shanni R. PrutchiConstruction of an Entangled Photon Source for Experimenting with Quantum Technologies
Minas LiarokapisOpenBionics: Revolutionizing Prosthetics with Open-Source Dissemination
Fran BlancheFun and Relevance of Antiquated Technology
Danielle ApplestoneFounding a hardware startup: what I wish I'd known!
Luke IsemanStarting a Hardware Startup
Grant ImaharaFireside Chat
Noah FeehanMaking in Public
Jeroen DomburgImplementing the Tamagotchi Singularity
Sarah PetkusNoodleFeet: Building a Robot as Art
Alvaro PrietoLessons in Making Laser Shooting Robots
Zach FredinYou Can Take Your Hardware Idea Through Pilot-Scale Production With Minimal Prior Experience And Not Very Much Money, So You Should Do It NOW!!
Kate ReedThe Creative Process In Action
Oscar VermeulenPiDP-8: Experiences developing an electronics kit
Reinier van der LeeThe Vinduino Project
Radu MotisanGlobal environmental surveillance network
David PrutchiConstruction of Imaging Polarimetric Cameras for Humanitarian Demining
Rory AronsonWhy great documentation is vital to open-source projects
Jonathan BeriI like to move it, move it: a pragmatic guide to making your world move with motors!
Neil MovvaAdding (wearable) Haptic Feedback to Your Project
Dustin FreemanThe Practical Experience of Designing a Theatre Experience around iBeacons
Kay IgweBrain Gaming