The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole, an eclectic set of geeks

Rochester, Minnesota
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Whisker and Addie are the Toymakers ( and have been setting up their own global hackerspace for a while with daily blogposts, weekly videos, and biweekly podcasts. And in searching around for a Rochester Minnesota Hackerspace, they realized very quickly that there was none. But they had a house, and a level (the basement) that was collecting cobwebs. So hence the brilliant idea - why not have a hackerspace in the basement? Before long the local Linux User Group and a Personal Computer Interest Group found their way to the Rabbit Hole. Next thing you know we had a group of regulars. We currently meet weekly for pizza and hacking. Many of our projects are posted on We also participate in various hackathons and social activities.

  • 1 × Drill Press
  • 1 × Band saw
  • 1 × Carvewright a cnc style wood carving machine
  • 1 × Compound Radial Arm Saw
  • 1 × Mini Band Saw

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  • It's Hack O' Clock Somewhere

    Mazzmn04/09/2014 at 13:49 0 comments

    6pm - ?? Friday's are are normal meeting / build nights. Send email to to be added to the distro list and become informed of our weekly activities. $5 if you're in on pizza and pop

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