Quantity   Tool name
7 × Wiestek Ideawerk A very reliable mass manufactured 3D printer featuring a touchscreen and standalone printing.
1 × Makerbot Replicator 2X Like the replicator 2, but with a slightly smaller build area, two heads, an enclosed chassis, and a really cool heated bed
1 × Makerbot Replicator 2 Like the replicator 2x, but only for PLA. It is powered by blue tape.
1 × Makerbot Cupcake Garbage with moderate capability of making additional Garbage
1 × Form1 Ultraviolet curing resin 3d printer. Capable of great detail, but infill is always 100% with current software.
1 × Frank Davies Sarrus Printer It's not 100% together right now, but the printed plastic to metal ratio is probably the highest of any printer ever.
1 × Hacked Chinese Laser Cutter Features a 60W tube, 500x300mm cutting area, air assist, and some water chiller parts rigged up to a plastic bucket.
1 × Six Burner Commercial Gas Range with Full-Size Oven Used in making delicious food every Friday night and Sunday morning.
1 × Lyman Filament Extruder Turns plastic pellets into noodles
1 × Deuce and a Half Used for transporting things to the scrapyard and attracting doomsday preppers.
2 × Press Brake Bends sheet metal sharply
2 × Shear Cuts sheet metal
2 × Slip Roll Curves sheet metal
1 × Pneumatic Planishing Hammer Used to shape sheet metal and wake neighbors
1 × English Wheel Used to create curved sheet metal parts, such as fenders or bowls