Madis Kaal

Old-school coder with electronics as hobby

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This user joined on 10/24/2017.

Things I've Built

AVR based audio playing doorbell

Plays 8-bit audio samples stored in serial EEPROM at 22.05kHz using serial DAC and LM386 audio amplifier. See

AD9850 based RF generator with AM and FM modulation and frequency sweep

Cheap to make RF generator for working on old radio equipment. See

Pet feeder

Battery powered pet feeder with 3D printed auger mechanism and minimalistic UI using 7-segment LED displays. See

Z-Two, a CP/M machine with Z80 emulated on ATMega

4 chip machine, uses SD card for storage, has integrated VGA and PS/2 keyboard interface. Emulates Z80 instructions at about 110KIPS, and runs CP/M 2.2. See

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