Electronics tools

GabrielGabriel wrote 07/21/2016 at 01:03 • 1 min read • Like

In 2002, my 101 electronics university teacher gaves us a list of tools we needed for class and recomended a kit of sorts with part numbers, where to buy, etc.

14 years later i still have that kit, and its held through hell and back.

The springs finally gave on most of them, the flush cutters have an uneven edge, some are bent...

Most of this is because I was careless and thought i could get new ones any time...WRONG.

I bought some "similar" tools but the rusted immediately and the sizes are not even close which sucks for precision work.

Id like to ask this community for tool suggestions...brands, places, part numbers, models.

Picture below shows quality to the right (14 year old)

Crap to the left.