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navichan wrote 04/01/2017 at 15:12 point

Thanks a lot for your great job, I learn so much more from you!

I have downloaded your GUI software and try it, really cool! So I'm learning Unity 3D now,hahaha,thanks again!
I want to add the Mobile chassis for the THOR robot arm in the coming days,let it move up! hahaha. Use the Unity GUI,builds a map for my home,let it make a cup of coffee for me(I'm using automatic coffee machine),Let it have vitality,keep it up together!

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dannyvandenheuvel wrote 04/01/2017 at 07:08 point

Nice experiment with the THOR robotic arm!
How do you program the coords into THOR? Can you move your robot standalone or do you have a permanent pc connection?
Would like to see how you did do the programming of it, just cereus how you did it : - )

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navichan wrote 04/01/2017 at 12:53 point

Hi Danny,

Your new version THOR+V2.0 is very nice! hahaha.
I just want to do some testing on the Visual Identity, I wrote a small program(VB program) to process the images, and then send the center coordinates of the object to the THOR controller via Serial port. I have to connect to the PC now, because the small program run on Windows.I will transplant it to the embedded controller after the completion of the test(My THOR controller is embedded controller).
(ARM9 controller + Mega2560).
Image processing:
1.Capture the Background picture first,
2.Detect the moving objects,
3.Calculating the coordinate(Target center),
4.Send the coordinate to the ARM9 controller,
5.ARM9 controller send the Gcode to the Mega2560.

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dannyvandenheuvel wrote 04/01/2017 at 13:38 point

Cool! the reason it takes a long time to have it assembled fully is because I want to make a complete system, soft and hardware, I am writing a full graphical program in unity where you can play and record movements and send them to the embedded controller inside the robot arm. I work with a ultratronics board, main reason this board has all the needed components togetter. For the moment I can move the robot manually with a PS4 joystick. I wanted to buildin magnetical angle position sensors so I can move my robot with hand and play the movements afterwards. I've got a lot of ideas, just time is sometimes playing parts. I would I had more time to play with it. btw, your work is really brilliant!!! 

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