Radio Tom Swifties

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"I calculated the inverse of the impedance," Tom admitted.

"I tuned in Glen Miller's Orchestra!" Tom cried with abandon.

"I want to go solo," said Diana Ross, making a Supreme sacrifice.

"I can't find the obsolete navigation station," Tom said disCONSOLately.

I built a NiFe battery," Tom said with irony.

"I'm afraid I blew out the LED," Tom hinted darkly.

"The QRN all went away!" Tom cried ecstatically.

"I designed a single-sided PCB," Tom said, smiling thinly.

"I touched the high voltage lead," Tom said crisply.

"The filaments have been on long enough!" Tom said heatedly.

"Nobody took care of the lead-acid battery," Tom said dryly.

"The turntable is a little slow," Tom said flatly.

"I need to replace every electrolytic capacitor in the set," Tom said caustically.

"It's drawing plenty of beam current, " Tom said amply.

"I recalibrated the audio generator," Tom said in measured tones.

"The flip-flop can be either high or low," Tom stated.

"I must raise my antenna!" Tom shouted in a towering rage.

"I wish I could read the Billboard top forty," Tom moaned listlessly.

"When I was in Army, I was a code technician," Tom said cryptically.

"I won't buy a circuit breaker," Tom refused.

"I'd better repeat the SOS message," Tom said remorsefully.

"I made a new contract with NBC," Tom said resignedly.

"I used to be on Allen Funt's TV show," Tom said candidly.

"Besides TV, I did still pix for MGM," Tom snapped.

"The singer is right in the middle of the stereo perspective," Tom deadpanned.

"I don't remember who voiced Bugs Bunny," Tom said Blancly.

"For God's sake roll off the bass!" Tom boomed.

"The phonograph needs a new needle," Tom said bluntly.

"I have to turn my aerial upside down," Tom said flippantly.

"Soft soldering isn't for outdoors," Tom said brazenly.

"What tool measures high voltage?" Tom wondered probingly.

"My transmitter uses natural quartz crystals," Tom said stonily.

"I don't need any more vintage radios," Tom said Crosley.

"This circuit has no resistance," Tom said shortly.

"I was cleaning my oldest set, but I ran out of alcohol," Tom said dispiritedly.

"I can imitate a gallop with coconut shells," Tom said hoarsely.



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I think I will go to jail for all these groan jokes, Tom said guardedly.

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