Help with relay counter (again?)

Starhawk wrote 07/30/2017 at 16:19 2 points

I'm pretty sure I've done this dance before. Anyways... I'm trying to count pulses off a telephone dial as BCD. Right now, the circuit I've got goes straight to ten and latches. It doesn't count.

I started with this circuit...

...and adapted it (redrew, really) for 12v 4PDT relays and 12v lamps, because that's what I was planning to use...

The 'x's are where I swapped a couple wires to observe relay polarity... I'm using relays from eBay, which means the coils have LEDs, which means the coils have polarity.

I've verified that my schematic matches the original, as best my poor bleary eyes can tell. I've verified that my wiring matches my schematic as well (I can post a pic but it's a real rat's nest...) and I've double checked most of the connections with a continuity tester and they're what they're supposed to be unless there's something I'm just not seeing.

Can anyone help a poor idiot out here?