Hack Chat Guidelines

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We are not the kind of “Hackers” you see in movies. We do not break into computers.

We are makers. We build things. Click here to see what we do:

Then, why we are still calling ourselves “hackers”?

Because “hack” has many meanings:

What is the Hack Chat discussion area for?

The Hack Chat is for discussing projects that we are all working on. Hacking in this context refers to working with hardware to achieve a project goal.

Nothing illegal will be discussed in the Hack Chat. Please do not ask us to talk about this stuff. Hacking in the sense of breaking into websites isn’t something we discuss here.

People who continue to ask these kinds of questions will be removed from the Hack Chat. No exceptions.

Code of conduct: Be Excellent to each other. Comments and questions should be on-topic. We support education and a supportive, inclusive environment. We reserve the right to eject profiles that do not comply.



awangngambakhumanchalaishram14 wrote 03/21/2018 at 02:24 point

this is hack chat only?

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Bharatsharma67876 wrote 11/03/2017 at 19:20 point

ok i understand

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