BLDC Motor selection

nerd.king wrote 07/07/2014 at 14:090 points

I am developing a BLDC controller. The original motor that I was given seems to be causing problems so I want to ask the community what kinds of motors they would want to use with OpenBLDC. I am thinking of just buying one of the outrunners 3-phase motors from amazon or some hobby site. The end goal of this project is to run a motor that will be part of the driver system of a rover.


J Groff wrote 07/10/2014 at 18:54 point
First, let me say that driving N-channel MOSFETS to source current is an unnatural act and produces a circuit that seeks to destroy itself, and P-channels ones are relatively unobtainable in high power. Its just the physics of electrons. Most of the work on a BLDC controller is keeping it from destroying itself. The motors are just blocks of copper and steel, with or without sensors. Those outrunners are sensorless typically, hence no way to control commutation at low speeds. They are designed to run full out all the time. For a rover you might look into commonly available hall sensor equipped 3 phase BLDC motors, such a those used on electric bikes and designed to work at low speeds with high torque.

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