Community Orthodoxy in Solicitation for Collaborators

ziggurat29 wrote 05/09/2018 at 21:58 0 points

I have a kooky idea for which I could benefit from some collaborators.  I'm familiar with folks asking to join one of my existing projects, but I'm not familiar with if there is any existing venue or protocol for actively soliciting folks to join a notional project.  Is there something like a 'help wanted' list, etc.?  Or is that verboten?  (This is purely a hacking for fun project - not for-profit).  I'm hoping for an answer like: "yes, post to the [mumble-mumble] list", or "no, we don't do that for a host of reasons that I'm not going to explain, but trust me, this matter has been thunk.".  Either answer is completely fine (or others).

That being said, not to be too mysterious about what the notional project at-hand is, it's an an emulation of some ancient pre-Internet (and pre-BBS) online systems.  I imagine useful collaborators would be folks who actively used those systems back in the day and remember them well (fondly or not) who can advise, and also probably hands-on folks that like retro-computing and might like to help with web work for such an emulated 'world'.  My motivation for such is that I have made some emulators of ancient physical machines, and that is fun in it's own right, but part of the excitement in the 70s and 80s of 'home computers' was the rougher times at the frontier of the nascent networked world which we now take for granted.

Anyway, this post is already long; and I regret lacking the time to make it short.  Cheers, and TIA!