SOT23 PNP Specific Pinout

leumasyerrp wrote 06/05/2018 at 02:03 0 points

I have spent a few hours searching for SOT23 PNP transistors that have the following pinout: 1-Base, 2-Collector, 3-Emitter for driving a common anode 7-segment display. I made a mistake on my schematic and now have 4 PCBs that I would like to try to salvage. If I can find transistors with the footprint above they should drop right in. Just wondering if anyone has heard of such an animal. All of the SOT23 PNP transistors I have looked at on Digi-Key are BEC. I can always get new PCBs but if there happens to be a drop in fix that would be helpful as I prototype the circuit.