Zotac EI751 Repasting

Stanislas BertrandStanislas Bertrand wrote 12/09/2018 at 00:49 • 2 min read • Like

I got my EI751 at the beginning of 2016. After 2.5 years it was becoming a bit loud and hot.

I got around to repasting it mid 2018, this is the log.

I removed the screws holding the board down. This voids the warranty which is not ideal. It was quite tricky to pull the board out. I ended bending the enclosure where the antenna connector is. The top cover is actually screwed to the main shell, don't try forcing anything.

The fan comes off with a bit of force as thermal pad sticks to the heatsink and the board. Have some thermal pad to replace the old one, 1.5mm tick should do it. The heatsink cover the CPU and the PCH.

Testing with Intel XTU indicates thermal throttling and current limit throttling. Eventually a better cooling solution could be fitted ( would not use the standard case ). Then the actual power delivery may be the limiting factor. I may try to improve the cooling and build a custom case after I renew this computer.

Prim95 load leads to thermal throttling and power limit throttling. With a better colling and increasing power limits, the boost clocks could be maintained.

I wish there was more SATA slot as the single driver will not make the best media center. Improve cooling would go a long way to make this PC more silent to go by a TV.

Intel I7 5775R - Intel XTU Tuning Control.