ActualDragon wrote 06/03/2019 at 01:12 0 points

So i need a little help with the summer project i decided on. I figured I'd put all my skills to the test, and lay on the redneck engineering. I'm building a minibike, like 200cc? Not a small one, and rugged enough to trail ride. My neighbor has a ton of small engines, im going to rebuild one, ans i can make the frame out of the 3/4" steel tubing my dad brings home from work, weld them together, and they should be strong enough. Yes i know im going to die, yes i know there are probably a million things wrong with this plan, and things ive overlooked, I'm just looking for help with dimensions. I have the general shape im looking for, i just need a push in the right direction for sizing the frame. Im using good old boot brakes, and one gear, my main goal is to get this thing going. Just the bare minimum. Give me a second and I'll post the pic of my plans.