Kristian Juri Damai Lase

Kristian Juri Damai LaseKristian Juri Damai Lase wrote 08/07/2019 at 03:10 • 1 min read • Like

Hi, I’m Kristian. I am a web and mobile application developer. I love computers since childhood, starting from the joy of playing games, over time I began to learn many things about computers. Until finally, I decided to continue my high school in vocational high school and took the computer and network engineering, major. That's where I started learning a lot about computers in the school, I also began to learn about pascal programming language. My love for computers continue until I finally went to university in Jogja called UKRIM (Immanuel Christian University) I majored in Informatics Engineering. I graduated 3.5 years with GPA 4.0, graduated in 2019 with the thesis title "Solar Dryer's Temperature and Humidity Control System based on Internet of Things using Fuzzy Logic".  In my final year of college while working on my thesis I began to fall in love in the world of web and mobile application.development. I work on many little projects that I initiate myself.