Trinket EDC Contest - T-shirt Status Page

Mike SzczysMike Szczys wrote 01/21/2015 at 17:22 • 1 min read • Like


1/21/15 - We have received the sizing information and will be placing the shirt order very soon.

2/4/15 - Shirts arrived and look great! We will begin shipping this week.



Martin Ferreira wrote 03/16/2015 at 01:11 point

Ok it's been a while since the t-shirts were shipped, but I haven't received mine... :(

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Mike Szczys wrote 03/24/2015 at 18:18 point

Actually we've been horribly delayed in shipping these out. Sorry. The rest of the US addresses should be shipped out today and then we'll dig into the international address (which are a bit more difficult thanks to customs forms, etc.)

Again, my apologies for this taking so long.

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Mike Szczys wrote 01/21/2015 at 17:35 point

I saw that on your comment for the form. This garment is offered in S-3XL but kids' sizes would be a different product, sorry. Want me to change your entry to S?

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BDM wrote 01/21/2015 at 17:38 point

Yes, please change size to a S. He will be excited.

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Eric Hertz wrote 02/05/2015 at 10:32 point

Now I want a cat-sized one :)

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BDM wrote 01/21/2015 at 17:33 point

Nice! Any thoughts of adding smaller shirt sizes? My side kick BDM Jr. likes to hang around while I work on ideas.

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