How to make DIY Power Bank 18650 LiPo Charger

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In recent years, the use of power banks has risen significantly as they provide a very convenient and easy method of charging smartphones and other devices when away from mains power. Wireless charging power banks have also been introduced for those devices that can be charged wirelessly. 

But have you made a power bank? Well, you can now. With the help of DIY 18650 Lipo charger (refer the image) you can make your own power bank at your home. In this guide you will get to know how to make your own power bank at home with the help of a few electronic products.

What is a Power Bank?

Power bank is a battery pack which is used to charge a cellphone outdoors during emergency situations when an AC outlet is unavailable for charging the cellphone.

Power bank modules have gained significant popularity today due to their portability and ability to charge any cell phone while traveling and during emergency requirements.

It is basically a battery bank box which is initially fully charged by the user at home, and then carried outdoors while travelling. When the user finds his cellphone or smartphone battery reaching low, he connects the power bank to his cellphone for a quick emergency topping-up of the cellphone.

Ways of making a Power Bank with 2 Li-Ion Cells

The first circuit above makes use of a common collector transistor configuration for charging the intended cellphone device, the 1K preset is initially adjusted to enable a precise 4.3V across the emitter of the transistor.

The second design above uses a 7805 voltage regulator circuit for implementing the power bank charging function.

The last diagram here depicts a charger design using an LM317 current limiter. This idea looks much impressive than the above two since it takes care of the voltage control and the current control together ensuring a prefect charging of the cellphone.

The battery is to be connected to the motherboard B + negative-, installed against the necessary burning motherboard.

Thus you can make your own power bank with the help of Lipo charger Module. This module also has an LED Lamp display power which shows if the circuit is working or not. If the circuit is not working then the Lipo charger automatically shuts down to avoid loss of power. See more of this module and try making your own power bank.

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