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A project log for pyLCI - Linux Control Interface

Makes Raspberry Pi accessible, portable and easily configurable.

ArsenijsArsenijs 04/02/2016 at 08:230 Comments

I've missed the release date =( I've spent 2 days not feeling so great, so my productivity has been drastically reduced. Regardless, I'm all good now and continuing, although I've missed the release date To this day I've been polishing all kinds of things for the release. But mainly, docs. Docs are great and necessary. And RTD is awesome.

I've taken my time to document things. So far, everything's been great. I still need output modules documented, as well as some small aspects, such as a skeleton app, but it's a huge step. =) Also, I need to autodoc more of my code. Guess I'll finally learn to write docstrings and stuff.

Tomorrow, I'm sitting at home and writing promotional materials in Russian and English. I'm also trying to cold-install my system on various Raspberry Pi with clean OSes, as well as using all of my input/output devices I support now on different systems - just to see how it works, I've already fixed a fair share of bugs that way. That way, I can release it on Monday.

Time to unpack my Pi3! I'll be setting it up as my desktop replacement very soon, and I'll sure have pyLCI-capable devices. Wireless and BT is a really nice touch. Wireless will work out-of-the-box with pyLCI and latest distro... Not so much with Bluetooth. I'm yet to find a good API.

Applications... My system will need plenty of those. I like how I've written the wireless application. It's quite flexible and capable, all that holds it back is lack of input UI elements.

I just hope that there'll be enough early adopters. Guess I need to check on my feedback channels - is there enough info to contact me and is GitHub link in the descriptions?

I've discovered problems with those HD44780-compatible character LCDs. Basically, possible concurrency, D0-D3 line noise, EN line ringing - more about that here. Sometimes they just start displaying trash characters. Has to do with slow displays, threading, hardware... Sucks. Something needs to be made more atomic, something - more slow and something - more protected. Guess it'll soon be time to get my logic analyzer hooked up to those data lines to see what's up. Not that it's not good enough for launching it, but it's definitely not good enough for long-term with those problems.