New UI element, GPIO hardware&fixes, clock&update apps

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ArsenijsArsenijs 04/22/2016 at 02:270 Comments

I assembled a little board with a display header and some buttons. It's for me to test GPIO drivers, as well as use for Arduino driver development and, afterwards, for my home automation Raspberry Pi. A 4-row screen goes well with it, and, since it's GPIO, the plate works pretty fast even on a Raspberry Pi 1B.

I remember hesitating about assembling it, thinking "what could have gone wrong from when I last tested GPIO?" Well, I was mistaken:

I wonder how the hell it worked before, LOL. Conclusion? Unless you have hardware for testing accessible, guesses are, well, guesses. Anyway, I have one more piece of pyLCI hardware - 5 Raspberries running pyLCI now! Aaaand... I have one more Raspberry Pi free, so I can easily make it 6 =) Guess that sixth will be the "Arduino driver" one.

Soo, yesterday I wrote:

Guess I'll go to sleep now.

Well, I kinda lied. I went to sleep, but couldn't fall asleep, so I wrote a new UI element that was necessary for some future apps. It's called Refresher and while it's on the screen, it refreshes it periodically. So, you can make a stopwatch, or maybe a clock:

Docs are not done though, forgot about them =( Will be soon, though.

See that 3x6 header? It's for jumpers so you can use either SPI pins or 40-header additional GPIOs for the display, so you can use spare GPIOs on B+ and have SPI available or free up SPI and use that on older Raspberries. Also, those lacking pins in 2x40 header make it possible to use IDC cables of older Raspberries on it - those are for ID EEPROM anyway, ain't using it =) I like this shield. There's plenty to add to it, and it can be pretty powerful. I guess it would be cool to make them, then sell them or something =)

The working day's over. Oh, BTW, I just added a clock app - using the Refresher UI element, of course! I plan on making it a world clock, but today was really full and, you know, it's something. I don't feel good about it because it's the simplest app I could make, but it's all I have time to do today =)

On a second thought, I also added "Update" app. All it does is "git pull". Greatly simplifies testing, actually, I just have a feeling it might not work sometimes... Found a couple of those "sometimes", fixed... Gosh, will I get to sleep any soon?

Ah, can't post anything. is down. Fucking great. Guess this log goes to my Notepad++ until morning, then I can throw it together, add some photos and so on.

Oh wait, it got fixed!

pyLCI is becoming more and more self-sufficient. It's very cool. Until it becomes sentient, of course, but there's a lot of coding to be done for that ;-)

Good night!