Assembling the PCB

A project log for SILSpark

Single Sided, SIL connector, PTH components version of DigiSpark

danjovicdanjovic 03/15/2016 at 03:170 Comments

The board as assembled quickly as it doesn't have much components. I started with the resistors and zeners, then placed and soldered everything else.

The last part of the assembly was to insert the ATTiny85 in the socket. It was already programmed from a former project ( #Oh Cheat! ). I'll cover the programming in the instructions.

The board was ready to be tested:

It fits well in the protoboard, but the capacitor is taking too much room. Maybe it's better to use the board from the backside or assemble the circuit in the protoboard first then insert the Silspark at the end.

The first test, of course was to blink an LED. Here it is!