Health and computer issues....

A project log for Raimi's Arm - Bionic Arm for Kids

Open source, high functioning, myoelectric, bionic arm for kids.

Patrick JoycePatrick Joyce 05/25/2016 at 11:210 Comments

My health has stabilised - luckily. But as soon asI was able to get back to work, my computer reached the limit of its capabilities. As the CAD models of the hand and forearm got more complex, the computer slowed and slowed, til it became unusable. And then, even worse, it died completely. So i needed a new, wheelchair mounted computer - fast. Unfortunately, i already had the most powerful commercially available wheelchair mounted computer, and that was not powerful enough. So i hacked my own!

I bought a high spec convertible laptop, and made a mounting box out of the bottom half of a waterproof suitcase. I 3d printed the mounting brackets for the front. Inside the case is the mounting bracket for the eyegaze unit, and amplification gear. On the back is a quick release plate, which locates on my existing mount arm. Eventually the backbox will contain all kinds of gadgets, but for the moment i'm concentrating on Raimi's arm again. I've had three very frustrating weeks - but now i'm back in the game!