• Controller has arrived!

    Welsh Mullet03/23/2016 at 20:03 0 comments

    The usb controller I'll be using as a base has finally arrived from china.

    And I got usb audio to work, so that's good!

    Here's all the gang together in a cardboard box for a quick test. I think I'll need a few more USB ports, but this is fine for now. I can probably drop ethernet as we have wifi, but with one for the controller, one for wifi, and one for audio, I'm left with just a single port. I'll probably try and pick up a 7 port hub... though I think they're just two four port hubs so I might stick with those.

    If anyone has done anything with speakers and a headphone port that can also be used, please point me to it, as this is something I'd like to include in the design!

  • Initial Log

    Welsh Mullet03/09/2016 at 00:30 0 comments

    Just an initial log to go with the start of the project, it's late and I can't think to write much!

    Parts so far are a Pi zero and a 5 inch touch screen. Controller is on the way, along with some other parts. Case will hopefully be 3D printed... when I get a 3D printer!