PCBs received, first board populated & tested: SUCCESS !

A project log for a Break Out Board for an eXtremely Small Proc.

NXP has released the LPC812 Cortex M0+ controller in an eXtremely Thin Small Package (XSON16) . Why not design a BOB for it ?

Michel KuenemannMichel Kuenemann 03/21/2016 at 14:170 Comments

have received the boards (10 of them) from china this morning (2016/03/21) and I have immediately populated a board - just to see...

I am not equipped with reflow oven at my office, so I have made an attempt with a regular (big 80 Watt) Weller soldering iron :-).

Bare PCB

The overall quality of the PCB seems OK.

First board populated

There are only four electronic components on the board: an LED, a resistor, a capacitor and the microcontroller.

The header on the left is to be connected to an LPClink board to flash the device. The 4 pins on the right are for a console.

After the classic continuity tests, I flashed a basic blinky that I had prepared for this purpose.

After a few hesitations, I managed to flash the programm and it worked immediately. So the board is at least "flashable". I have not yet tested all the ports, but I am confident.

Conclusion: it is possible to solder 0.4 mm pitch DFNs with a regular soldering iron (without frying them).