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A project log for Workbench CNC Mill

CNC Mill with aluminium flat bar frame built without mill or lathe.

gregstephensongregstephenson 03/13/2016 at 09:350 Comments

First entry, then. As you can see from the photos, I've got all 3 Axes built and assembled, and miracle of miracles, everything seems to fit. I'm pretty sure my compound saw is off by a decent fraction of a degree, but the drill press is actually pretty damn good for being the cheapest available.

I ran a drive test on the Y-Axis today using a hand drill, and it turns easily from end to end in both directions. I haven't yet made the drive tabs for the X and Z axis, but given they're much shorter, I'm hoping they'll be more forgiving anyway.

I also gave myself a minor heart-attack ordering all the electronics in one batch. This includes the steppers, but not the spindle or VSD. Those I'll get as a pack off E-Bay once I've got the drive gear up and running with Mach 4 and a pen.

Oh yeah, and I should probably add a bed at some point...