Mounting 28 slippery pieces of PEX tubing on the wall

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A large blinky sculpture with 2142 RGB LEDs

terragterrag 03/21/2016 at 14:040 Comments

Since this is a large thing to hang on a wall, I am considering breaking it up into smaller components that can be hung separately. To enhance the 3D look of the sculpture, I am considering mounting it to pieces of thin plywood that can pop out from the wall a few inches. Idea: drill two concentric holes through the back of the PEX tube, perpendicular to its axis. Place a small 1-2" piece of wood beneath the tube, drill a parallel hole though the wood, and attach the two with some steel wire. The wire will be behind the LEDs, so it will not block the light. The block of wood can be glued to either plywood or a supporting piece of wood that runs perpendicular to the 14 PEX tubes.