Initial Steps

A project log for Go Kart Tank (formerly Half Track)

Go Kart Tank. Used to be a gas powered Go Kart, became a Half Track and then became a fully tracked vehicle.

samernsamern 04/26/2016 at 12:250 Comments

Pretty simply, I had originally built my goKart out of metal I bought at Home Depot. The way it worked was that it had one drive wheel (rear right when facing the back of the Kart) and one wheel with a drum brake (rear left).

The Kart was doing close to 30mph at half throttle, so it was scary. Instead it was converted to use a wooden (heavier) frame. Once the decision was made to convert it to a Half Track, the same decision was made to make it a full tank.


1) Removed the engine, rear axle and rear wheels

2) Measured and inserted a pair of 1.25" threaded rods, 36" long each

3) Cut a set of metal cylinders to fit the bore of 2 drive sprockets (from InterLox), which in turn fit the shafts of a pair of electric motors