Why not BLE?

A project log for Lightweight Personal IoT Framework

Reducing the complex nature of more mature automation and IoT frameworks by way of limiting components and scope.

krichkrich 03/14/2016 at 20:300 Comments

Why not BLE?

Well, honestly I've never understood the blind love affair folks have with BLE. It's short range, it's (for the most part) insecure, and it still needs a gateway to get out to the Internet to be part of the Internet of Things. Yeah, okay, WiFi also requires a gateway. Touche', but the WiFi APs (gateways) are pretty much ubiquitous in the home these days, not to mention WiFi is much more mature, secure, and reliable.

Now, if I was after a super low power consumption scenario then maybe I would consider BLE with a gateway. But, for the time being, I'm limiting the scope so as to KISS. Remember? You did read the project summary, didn't you?