Log 1: 3d scanning to the rescue

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custom computer mouse for improved ergonomics and the disabled

martimarti 03/23/2016 at 11:560 Comments

Project log 1:

The first steps have been taken in the process of making the mouse. Target for the prototype is a working mouse functionality with the exception of the buttons and scroll wheel for the first prototype.

Since this is my first time 3d scanning im going to try multiple ways of acquiring the data.

The following three methods have come up after a short google search:

1: smartphone and autodesk app

2: kinect + sdk

3: dedicated 3d scanner hardware.

The first two I already have acces to an plan to try today. The last one im going to ask around university to see if anything is available that i can borrow for an afternoon.

I will post back with the result later this day,

So stay tuned!