Raspberry PI 2, RTK GPS, RTCM base station, C#

A project log for 3DOF Hexapod (Hexapi)

Hexapod using Inverse kinematics with a Raspberry PI 3 brain, XBox 360 Wireless controller running on Windows 10 IOT Core. (3d printed legs)

Larry W.Larry W. 05/28/2016 at 13:430 Comments

C# Code for NS-HP RTK GPS base station working. Allows for a client on the local network to connect to a REST endpoint on a PI 2 and receive RTCM 3 messages for corrections. So far I have only been able to achieve a FloatRTK fix. However the accuracy is still much improved over conventional GPS. I used a NS-HP-10 with a 5Hz update rate. The message age maxed out around 500ms.

I am pretty happy to achieve the accuracy I do with about $125 worth of GPS equipment, a Raspberry PI 2 for the base station.